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RCS provided a great product at the lowest price with the best service--no reason to look elsewhere for optics. Thank you!

DK Texas

I purchased a Zeiss Victory SF 10x42mm binoculars. I am also quite pleased with the service that RCS Optics provided.

SW Oregon

I am very satisfied with the Zeiss Conquest, it adds a Tuetonic presence to my Mauser Mannlicher. RCS Optics provided fine service from order to delivery, and shipped for free. As a first time customer my experience is just what it should be, and I will shop again with RCS Optics. Mission accomplished!

DE Oklahoma

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RCS Optics is a quality sport optics dealer for a broad range of manufacturers that balances quality and affordability for every American outdoors person. Popular binocularsspotting scopes rifle scopes,  rangefinders, and other assorted products for observation, hunting, hiking, or other activities. We offer quality products from names such as Burris, BushnellLeupoldRedfieldTrijiconWeaver, and Zeiss. RCS Optics also offers various resources to assist you with your sport optics product selection as well as helping you to become more proficient with your skills. If you are interested in the technical side of optics be sure to take some time to review our Optics University page. RCS Optics  is an authorized dealer in North America for Carl Zeiss and other sport optics brands. 

Whether your interest is in astronomy, birding, hunting, conservation, nature watching, tactical or competition, you can find the tools to help you enjoy your interest more and take it to the next level. Sports optics users can have different optical expectations depending upon the application. Here at RCS Optics, we offer the tools you need to help make a decision that will provide value for you. For example, a hunter will have different expectation using a pair of binoculars than a person at a birding festival or just out at a green belt using birding optics.


Binoculars are an essential tool for all outdoor enthusiasts. Prices can vary widely. Your expectations of the optics performance will most likely drive your purchasing decision. Binoculars, like other optics provides a wide range of features. Some folks like porro prism and others prefer roof prism binoculars. For any outdoors person, the twilight periods before sunrise and after sunset can be critical time for viewing. Do not be misled by the twilight factor of a particular binocular. The twilight factor is a function of the magnification and objective size. So two different brands can tout the same twilight factor yet one can outperform the other significantly during this critical period. Having binoculars with quality glass prisms and lenses which are coated with quality coatings will insure that your pair will provide great light transmission; coatings are what really make a difference during twilight.

Rifle scopes

Only high quality rifle scopes will handle the recoil that your rifle dishes out all the while maintaining your site-in adjustments. If you are frustrated from having to frequently resight your scope then it is time for you to upgrade. All scope manufacturers provide a variety of reticles that you can select from. Duplex reticles which are the standard cross hairs to bullet drop compensating reticles that account for long distance shots as well as adjusting for cross winds, there is a rifle scope and reticle that will meet your needs at RCS Optics. Scopes, particularly rifle scopes from Zeiss, Leupold, Burris, Trijicon, Redfield, Weaver, and Bushnell are just a few of the brands that we carry. Come back often as we frequently are adding new items. Our latest addition is Sig Sauer hunting and tactical scopes. Of all the brands that we carry, Leupold has an extremely wide variety of both scopes and reticle options. There is a Leupold rifle scope that will fit your needs whether you hunt or competition shoot. Along with that variety comes a price point that will be easy on the budget.

Range finders

Range finders are becoming a common tool as experienced hunters know the value of accurate and timely distance measurements and hold over values. Every shot counts. Seconds count too! You may not want to have to do mental gymnastics to figure out the range or holdover so be sure that your arsenal includes the tools you need to provide that critical information. Rangefinders available in a monocular format include hand held rangefinders, however Zeiss has an awesome range finding binocular, the Zeiss Victory RF.

For the elite marksman whose hunting style frequently calls for shots up to 1,000 yards and does not want to have to monkey around with a separate range finder, RCS Optics  recommends the Zeiss Victory Diarange rifle scope.  When targets are generally below the 500-600 yard range, then the Burris Eliminator is another viable option. Different applications, different products. Both of these rifle scopes have a laser range finder built into the scope so you don't need one more thing to pack.


RCS Optics is on a mission to provide true value for you! One very important thing to remember is that rewards 
 As established customers, members save more on nearly every product that is purchased!

Start saving more money on your second order and every order after that!  RCS Optics is on a mission to provide true value for our customers!! Save money and let your friends know too!  REWARDS CLUB Membership is a $29.95 value. Alternately, membership is free for veterans or non-veterans with an initial order.  Learn More>>> Rewards Club Membership

Firearm Knowledge and Safety 

RCS Optics wants you to be safe and successful in all your hunting and shooting experiences. On our firearm knowledge and safety page you can check out the videos from the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Included are topics such as: Setting up your rifle scope for success; Understanding minutes of angle; Understanding mildot reticles (milliradians); Shooting at an angle; Wind speed estimations, and more. We also have articles on binocular selection and long range hunting success tips which helps you to understand the important features of your sport optics needs. Finally we also have safety topics that is critical knowledge for any firearm owner.

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