Magellan eXplorist 350H North America Handheld GPS



Alaska tested and built for the hunt, the Magellan eXplorist 350H is the Outdoor GPS specifically designed for the Hunter. The "H" in 350H stands for Hunt and this eXplorist device is built from the ground-up to be the best tool to help before, during and after the hunt. Hunting Boundary information is for 40 states and the Boundary alerts keep you in an authorized hunting zone. Also, the view is a Topographic Map contour layer and hunt specific waypoint icons. Magellan's eXplorist 350H comes ready to use with an interface designed to be simple and give a hunter access to the features needed as quickly as possible. The 350H is also equipped with housing that is rugged, waterproof and submersible (IPX-7). The ergonomic housing comes in a camouflage pattern and the orange highlights help the device standout if accidentally dropped. Before the Hunt start the 1-year free subscription to DigitalGlobe provided in the package. Use the satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe to pre-scout your hunting grounds. Download the detailed imagery to your PC and you can identify glassing locations, tree lines or game funnels. Once you have identified certain areas with features beneficial to a successful hunt download them into your 350H. The eXplorist 350H includes a calendar to identify the best days and time to hunt based on moon phases and so lunar positioning. Sunrise and sunset times are also available to help plan your hunt. As you enter your hunting grounds use the over 30 hunt specific waypoints to mark animal tracks, trail camera locations and build a database of what is happening in your hunting area. No more typing out names; use the waypoint icons to mark streams, bedding areas, food sources, game tracks and more. In addition to DigitalGlobe satellite imagery the 350H includes a detailed base map with contour elevation overlays showing roads, trails, water bodies and identifies terrain features for easier navigation in the backcountry. The eXplorist 350H comes with pre-loaded GMU's and WMU's to help you stay within legal hunt borders. Through the 350H's easy to use and customizable interface set up your hunting zone and configure the device to notify you when and how you prefer. Avoid the costly mistake of hunting outside your legal zone. No matter where your hunt may take you the Magellan eXplorist 350H is ready for the adventure ahead.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Tough, rugged and waterproof camouflage casing built to take abuse
  • Pre-loaded hunt and Topo maps
  • Hunting waypoints-build a database of your hunting grounds with over 30 unique hunting specific waypoints
  • Free 1 year subscription to DigitalGlobe to pre-scout hunting areas
  • Hunting Border Alerts-user configurable notifications help you stay within GMU/WMU hunt zones
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life using 2 AA batteries

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