Rewards Club Membership

The RCS Optics Rewards Club offers added value for our members.

  • The Rewards Club is a loyalty program for our repeat customers.
  • There are no annual fees.
  • There are no silly points to collect and redeem.
  • Once a member, always a member.
  • Added discounts show up at the checkout.
  • Exclusive Offers for Members only.
  • Free Return Shipping for Members only.
  • Save all year long!

Every customer earns the right to membership in the Rewards Club after their first completed order. Rewards Club benefits do not apply to the first order, but to every future order. The more orders, the more you save. Rewards Club benefits are not transferrable.

Look for the "Dollar Sign" widget floating on the page for more details. Click on the widget to view the benefits currently available. The available discounts that are displayed is customized for each club member.

For example, members will see extra discounts of an additional 2.5% or more off of the cart total on future orders. In addition, there may be exclusive discounts available. There may also be limited specials on select products for non members.

Unlike most politicians, RCS Optics really does have your back.