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Rifle Shooting Techniques Video Library

RCS Optics wants you to be successful in all aspects of your hunting experience. Select the videos that are of interest to you. These videos are courtesy of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Professionally created, they are clear, concise, and very interesting! Ryan Cleckner is a superb instructor!


Rifle Sight in Process

Ryan Cleckner shares his process for sighting in a scoped rifle. Including bore-sighting, a short 25-yard shot, shooting groups and making adjustments at 100 yards, slipping the scales and finding mechanical zero. (NSSF Video)

Set up your scope for success

NSSF's Ryan Cleckner shows you how to properly set up your rifle and scope combination so that it naturally aligns with your eye. (NSSF Video) 


Shooting Fundamentals- Long Range Shooting Techniques 

Ryan Cleckner reviews proper shooting technique. A stable platform, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control are key fundamentals to shooting properly. 


Understanding Minute of Angle (MOA)

NSSF's Ryan Cleckner explains the measurement term "minute of angle" (MOA) and how to use MOA adjustments on your scope for sighting in and to compensate for bullet drop at varying distances. (NSSF Video) 



Understanding Mils (Milliradians) 

NSSF's Ryan Cleckner explains the measurement term "milliradian" (mil) and how to use a mil-dot scope to measure the distance to your target at the range and in the field. (NSSF Video) 



Wind Estimation and Compensation

NSSF's Ryan Cleckner explains how to estimate wind speed, shares a formula for calculating wind drift, and explains how ballistic charts and empirical data gathered at the range can help hunters and target shooters properly compensate for the effects of wind. 
(NSSF video) 


Shooting at Angles

When shooting at angles gravity affects your bullet differently. Learn from NSSF's Ryan Cleckner how to apply an angle killer to correctly compensate for bullet drop when shooting either uphill or down. (NSSF video)

Firearms Safety, Owner Responsibilities, and Ethical Hunting

As part of conscientious effort to promote firearm safety, gun owner responsibilities, and ethical hunting, RCS Optics is proud to offer the following free PDF Guides written by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).