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  • Rangefinders are an invaluable tool for your hunting success.
  • They provide a quick and accurate range distance measurement.
  • As a long distance shooter, you need that measurement distance to compensate for bullet drop.
  • The tool helps to provide confidence that you took an ethical shot.

These tools are a must, particularly for the long range hunter that wants to only make ethical shots. At RCS Optics, we offer only quality rangefinders, range finding binoculars, and range finding rifle scopes from reputable companies. Lifetime warranties are commonplace among such names as Burris, Bushnell, Leupold, Redfield, Simmons, Sig Sauer, and Zeiss.

Although hand held rangefinders are very popular and affordable, rangefinders that are integrated into binoculars or in particular rifle scopes not only combine functions so that you need less tools to carry in the field; but more importantly you are able to range, aim, and fire in one fluid motion- never taking your sights off of your target. Burris, Bushnell, and Zeiss all have laser rangefinders built into binoculars or rifle scopes. Specs vary as does the cost, but you can find the tool that fits your hunting style and budget here at RCS Optics.  And of course, our mission is to provide true value and satisfaction for each customer. In addition to great value from RCS Optics be sure to check out special promotions going on throughout the year. Buy now and save.